Astrology Conference 2009

The London School of Astrology and The Mayo School of Astrology came together in 2008 to create a unique astrological weekend event: The Astrology Student Conference (ASC). This friendly, annual gathering brings together the very best speakers from around the world to lecture on their specialist areas.

Our goal each year is to give students and practitioners of astrology - and anyone else interested in the art - a full and diverse programme of lectures and the chance to interact, network and mingle with students from various schools, the speakers and professional astrologers from our community. The weekend, which now takes place every April in London, also offers Q&A sessions with the lecturers and a vast bookstall from The Astrology Shop.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next event.

Frank & Wendy

Frank Clifford (LSA) and Wendy Stacey (Mayo)


Once again we feel proud and privileged to have a line-up of world-class speakers – a stellium of leading teachers, authors and consultants who will be sharing their insights during this special weekend.

The theme of our 10th conference is ‘Applying Astrological Techniques’ and we have a series of talks exploring the diverse ways in which astrology can be used personally and professionally.

To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we have a lineup of ten outstanding speakers. We’re delighted to welcome back stellar astrologers Bernadette Brady, Darby Costello and Alexander von Schlieffen, who will be running the workshops this year. We’re also excited to introduce five speakers who are new to the ASC: acclaimed writer Catherine Blackledge, Regulus Award-winning educator Lee Lehman, Astrology University founder Tony Howard, the renowned Vedic astrologer Komilla Sutt on, and prolifi c writer Tad Mann – author of the astrological classic ‘The Round Art’. For this two-day event, we’re back at our sparkling, breezy venue: the functi on rooms on the fi rst fl oor of the famous Browns restaurant on St Marti n’s Lane (just minutes from Leicester Square and Covent Garden). We’ll also be having our annual Saturday night dinner in a private room upstairs at Browns. We shall have a bookstall of the latest ti tles, classic texts and books from the speakers, all thanks to The Astrology Shop of Neal Street, Covent Garden – and the shop is close enough to visit during the lunch breaks. Once again, the shop’s owner, Barry Street, is arranging some special off ers and generous surprises for us. If you’d like to know more about accommodati on for your stay, please email the office for a list.

We thank all of you for your conti nued support of this event. We look forward to welcoming you to the conference on the weekend of 3 and 4 June 2017.


The Rooms at Browns,
82 - 84 St Martin's Lane,
Covent Garden
London, WC2N 4AG

Regrettably Komilla Sutton is unable to make the ASC this year but we are grateful to Darby Costello who will be lecturing on this topic in her place;

Mothers, Children and the Habit of Blame 
It has become natural in modern times to blame our mothers for so many aspects of our early lives. But is she really responsible for our flaws and our emotional difficulties? During this lecture we shall look at the Moon in the natal chart to see what we call forth from our mothers from the moment we are born.


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