Astrology Student Conference 2017
Applying Astrological Techniques

3-4 June 2017


The Rooms at Browns,
82 - 84 St Martin's Lane,
Covent Garden
London, WC2N 4AG




10:00–10:30 Registration

10:30 Introducing the weekend Wendy & Frank

10:35–11:50 Astrology and Music: Creativity& Diversity Alexander von Schlieffen

To be an outstanding musician, do you need to have an outstanding horoscope? What kind of significant planetary constellations reveal the driving force to create extraordinary music? Today we will look at fascinating charts, listen to wonderful music and discover what music and astrology have in common.

11:50–12:15 Break

12:15–13:30 William Lilly: The Man Who Could Predict the Future Catherine Blackledge

‘Prediction’ is a word astrologers often avoid, but it is at the very heart of William Lilly’s astrology. Thanks to his accurate forecasts, Lilly rose to become the most famous man in 17th-century England and its greatest magus. Discover which predictions secured Lilly’s success, the techniques he used and how he enthralled the war-torn nation.

13:30–14:45 Lunch

14:45–16:00 Conception + Gestation + Birth = Your Creativity A.T. Mann

Life begins at conception and the Life Time technique allows you to discover the circumstances and implications of your earliest and most deeply embedded experiences. These are especially important as they are the pattern of your creativity, sexuality and psychology. Discover how to interpret this amazing system in your own chart.

16:00–16:30 Break

16:30–17:45 2020 and Beyond Wendy Stacey

In December 2020, Jupiter will conjunct Saturn at 0° Aquarius. It will be followed by Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius in 2023–24, which will spearhead an unprecedented modern age for society. Wendy will explore how these ingresses could affect life as we know it. (A recording and PDF will be made available to those attending Bernadette Brady’s workshop.)

16:30–18:30 Children’s Charts – a workshop with Bernadette Brady (an additional £30)
This workshop will offer you methods and techniques for delineating a child’s horoscope. Bernadette will consider: the nature of those who form a child’s world (mother, father, grandparents and possible siblings); how parents can help the child with their fears and vulnerabilities; and which approach to take in terms of discipline. She will also show how to track a child’s development by examining the earliest outer planet transits to a child’s personal planets. Other topics in this special workshop include the child’s attitude to school and the subjects to which they will be drawn. Bring your own children’s charts along and Bernadette will use some of these as examples in the workshop.

19:00 Dinner at Brown’s (additional £40). Dinner will include a short talk by Lee Lehman.

Sunday 4th June 2017

10:00–10:30 Registration

10:30–11:45 A Vedic Approach to Natal Interpretation Komilla Sutton

In this talk, Komilla will introduce various techniques employed by Vedic astrologers to interpret the natal chart. These will include the role of the nodes and various planetary combinations (yogas).

11:45–12:15 Break

12:15–13:30 Challenging Mars Tony Howard

Mars is often equated with anger and aggression, but there’s a great deal more to the planet of drive and initiative. In this talk, Tony will challenge typical portrayals of the red planet, consider when it is ‘out of bounds’ and in aspect to Saturn or Neptune, and suggest ways of working with these complex energies so that we may feel more decisive and empowered.

13:30–14:45 Lunch

14:15–16:15 Venus and Mars: Ancient Archetypes Meet in the Virtual World – a workshop with Darby Costello and Alexander von Schlieffen (an additional £30)

As time goes by, the mythical figures that represent the astrological archetypes change according to the zeitgeist, but every archetype has something pure at its roots. In this workshop, Darby will take you on an historical journey to discover ancient versions of Venus and Mars and suggest ways in which we might refresh our relationship with their energies. Alexander will reveal some of the manifestations and aberrations that present themselves today when we are awakened to these archetypes in the virtual world.

14:45–16:00 Spotlight on Success: Your Midheaven Sign by Sign Frank Clifford
The MC reveals our personal definition of success, what we aspire to be, our reputation and public image, while the IC shows our deep-rooted motivations, psychological inheritance and the parts of ourselves we’re prone to ignore. Today, Frank will offer many original insights into each of the twelve signs found on the MC–IC axis. (A recording and PDF will be made available to those attending Darby and Alexander’s workshop.)

16:00–16:30 Break

16:30–17:45 Practical Tips for Picking Times for Surgery Dr Lee Lehman

It’s more than the sign of the Moon! This talk will present principles and techniques that you can use to pick the best dates for surgery and other medical procedures. Lee will introduce the most important considerations and how to achieve the most successful election in the time period that you have to work with.

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