2017 Conference Speakers:

Dr Catherine Blackledge has a science degree and PhD and has been a student of astrology for over a decade. Her most recent book is ‘The Man Who Saw the Future: a Biography of William Lilly’ (2015). Her first book, ‘The Story of V’ (2003), is an internationally-acclaimed cultural history of the vagina, and has been translated into ten languages.

Dr Lee Lehman is the author of nine astrology books, the most recent being ‘The Magic of Electional Astrology’. She teaches at IAA, the Midwest School of Astrology and at Kepler College. Lee’s annual masterclass series and correspondence courses present classical topics in an intensive learning format.

Frank Clifford is a teacher, writer, publisher and data researcher. He has run the LSA since 2004, written numerous books on astrology and palmistry, and guest edited six issues of ‘The Mountain Astrologer’. Frank won the lifetime achievement honour, The Charles Harvey Award, in 2012. and

Alexander von Schlieffen has been lecturing since 1996 and became a tutor for the CPA in 2001. He currently writes for several German magazines. He has authored two books, released eleven audio books and hosted his own astrology TV show. Alexander is also a painter who studied at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf.

Dr Bernadette Brady holds a PhD in Anthropology and an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. She is co-principal of Astro Logos and author of a number of books (including ‘Predictive Astrology’ and ‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars’) and programs (‘Jigsaw’ and ‘Starlight’). Her most recent book is ‘Cosmos, Chaosmos and Astrology’.

A. T. (Tad) Mann is an architect, astrologer and mandala painter. His books, which include ‘The Round Art’ and ‘A New Vision of Astrology’, explore time, calendars, tarot and healing. Tad’s discovery of Life Time Astrology integrates the spiral solar system and the DNA molecule as a mechanism of astrology and life.

Darby Costello was Head Tutor at the CPA for many years and continues to see clients, mentor students and lecture internationally. She has written books for the CPA Press and completed the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Bath Spa. In 2013, Darby was presented with the Charles Harvey Award.

Wendy Stacey runs the Mayo School of Astrology, chairs the Astrological Association and lectures internationally. She has written ‘Consulting with Astrology’ and ‘Uranus Square Pluto’ and over 50 articles for ‘The Astrological Journal’. Wendy won the prestigious Charles Harvey Award in 2014.

Tony Howard is the creator of and, and writes an astrology blog at Tony co-runs Seven Paws Press with Steven Forrest and founded Raven Dreams Press, which publishes Mark Jones’s work. Tony has been published in ‘The Mountain Astrologer’ and ‘Astrology: The New Generation’.

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